Our Line-Up of XXL-DLP 3D Printers

Our cutting-edge technology enables printing of large objects with incredible precision and speed. With our XXL-DLP printers, you can create complex products in series, highly detailed prototypes, large-scale sculptures, and everything in between.


Precision is paramount in the world of 3D printing, and for good reason. The accuracy of a 3D printer can make the difference between an average result and a flawless masterpiece. With a 3D printer that boasts a layer thickness tunable from 50 to 300 micrometers and a pixel size of just 162 micrometers, you’re experiencing exceptional capabilities. These incredibly precise measurements ensure that every intricate detail is perfectly reproduced, whether you’re crafting prototypes, artistic creations, or functional parts.

By minimizing moving parts during the printing process and incorporating high-quality linear guides within a rigid frame, we take precise control to the next level. This thoughtful engineering ensures that our 3D printer maintains its precision with every layer, offering not only impeccable accuracy but also unmatched reliability. Whether you’re crafting intricate prototypes or pushing the boundaries of creative design, our technology empowers you to achieve results that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.


In the world of production, efficiency and ease of operation are paramount. XXL-DLP printers are meticulously crafted with a focus on enhancing production workflows. Imagine having the convenience of wide opening doors that provide unrestricted access to your workspace. Loading and unloading materials with a trolley becomes a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort. Plus, with a separate control station, you have full command at your fingertips, ensuring precision and safety in every step of the process. It’s all about optimizing your workflow, and these features are your keys to a smoother, more productive operation



With a blazing speed of 40mm/hr, the performance of XXL-DLP printers is nothing short of impressive. They are specifically engineered for continuous operation, featuring fast changeovers. Proudly designed and produced in the Netherlands, these printers offer the industry’s highest build volumes of up to 1m3. For producers, this winning combination translates into a highly efficient production platform, where speed, reliability, and capacity converge to meet and exceed production demands with ease.


Research & Development

Being an engineering company ourselves, we understand how important flexibility is in product development & research activities. Being an open system, the system can utilise a huge variety of materials, also from other suppliers. This allows production for specialised applications and certain regulated markets.

With a range of options that can be added to the machine it is possible to change the print volume and test with small quantities of resin (great for new material evaluation), print with a heated bath or use different magnifications of the projection. The software makes it possible to control curing parameters on component and layer level and we’re even developing a way to allow multimaterial printing!


All XXL-DLP printers share the same backbone and software. The controls are designed in such a way that in a standard production environment the operator can start a print with standard parameters, which are typically prepared by the product engineer.

When new products are loaded, or in research and development environments, full control of the printer parameters is possible. Each layer can be indicually controlled and in case of multiple parts, it’s also possible to give each part separate curing conditions.