About Us

We are the developers of XXL-DLP 3D Printers and Materials.

Our Vision

We firmly believe in the transformative power of new automated production techniques. An ever changing global society requires new manufacturing technologies to overcome environmental and social challenges.

Local, customized and on-demand production are required going into the future. We envision a world where 3D printing is an important piece of the puzzle to a more sustainable, efficient, and innovative manufacturing landscape.



Having a background in Aerospace engineering, the company has been originally founded to utilise the benefits of 3D printing in carbon fibre reinforced composites production. This led to the development of large dlp 3d printers and thermally stable, high performance resins.

The first XXL-DLP printer was built in 2018 and has been running since. Our focus has been on application development and over the past years numerous projects have been successfully supported. The printers and materials have matured to a point that they can produce 24/7 and have proven to be very stable production platforms.