Post-processing Equipment

After printing is completed, parts need to be washed and postcured. We supply equipment to match the dimensions of products printed.

Cleaning Station

Large printers require large cleaning stations. We supply ultrasonic cleaners to match the dimensions of our printers.

The cleaning stations are equipped with ultrasonic transducers to provide fast cleaning, also inside printed parts. The full RVS construction ensures longevity in combination with cleaning agents. The integrated lift system ensures that it can be used safely and easily.


Type: XD-Clean2

Interior dimensions:  650 x 650 x 1200mm
Exterior dimensions: 830 x 1110 x 2600mm
Power connection: 380V
Ultrasonic max. power: 5760W
Fill amount: Approx. 400L

UV Curing Ovens

We supply a UV curing chamber with interior dimensions of 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.4m. This ensures the chamber is large enough for all products produced on the full range of printers.

Current curing ovens use high power TL light to fully cure the materials after printing. We are also developing a LED based system.

Unloading Trolley

Due to the size of prints, a trolley is used to remove the printed parts (including platform) from the printer. Typically we supply a manual trolley, but an electrical version is possible too.


Intermediate Storage

We supply storage racks that can be utilised to optimise your production workflow.


Additional Accesoires

All components of the printer can be ordered separately. For instance, you can request additional printing platforms for continuous production or more resin baths if multiple resin systems are in use.