Printing resins are important in the final product properties. In-house development and production of materials ensures the right resin can be selected for each project.

Our Resins


At the core of our innovation, we take pride in formulating our own resin systems. This level of hands-on involvement means that we possess an intimate understanding of our resins from the ground up. Our team of skilled chemists has meticulously curated the ideal combination of components, striking a delicate balance between delivering exceptional properties and maintaining cost-efficiency. The result? A workhorse resin that stands unrivaled in the industry, offering a unique blend of performance and economic value.





In-house Development

Possible to develop new resin systems for specific applications


Formulated for large parts

The right combination of properties and price



Once cured, the resins yield very durable structures.

3rd Party Resins

Although our resins are great for many applications, there are also cases where other materials are required. Examples are medical applications or for production of rubbery products.

We have evaluated various resin systems from major suppliers and can advise and (if required) supply these as well.

3rd Party Resins

If you would like to know more about compatible resins please contact us.

Processing Materials

Cleaner X00

We supply a non-toxic, non-flammable cleaner that it very suitable for cleaning parts that have been printed using vat polymerisation techniques


Road Map


Here we will publish a road map of resin developments